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This part of the documentation is intended for administration purposes, therefore for most of the actions described here you have to be logged as an administrator at your JIRA instance.

Refer to the content below to see, how the Administrator's Guide is organized. To use the Advanced Select List custom field you'll have to go through the following process. The list below links to appropriate parts of documentation.

  1. Install the Add-on.
    Information on installing the add-on together with licensing policy.
  2. Create a custom field.
    You have to create your custom field based on Advanced Select List type first. See how to do it easily.
  3. Manage the option values of the select list.
    See how to configure the option values properly.
  4. Add a custom field to screens and issues.
    At least you need to start to use your custom field to correct screens and issues. See Atlassian documentation for details on configuring custom fields.
See also:

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