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As one of the main benefits of administering option values list, Advanced Select List custom field brings you the posibility to import the values into your instance of JIRA, what might be useful, if you administer your values by another system. This can be done by importing CSV type text file.

The values you import to your custom field option list are subject to few validations, that should keep your data integrity and custom field correct usability. For example, you cannot import wrong values of Valid From and Valid To fields (Valid To > Valid From). Check chapter Imported Values Validations for details.

To understand a CSV import file structure, please see the specification.

To import values via CSV file, follow next steps:

  • Go to the Configure Options form.
  • Notice the Add new option section of the form. Here you can also manually add your values. But let's focus on the CSV file.
  • Click the Add button next to Add new values from CSV file. New dialog appears.

Add new values from CSV file dialog


  • Now fill in the fields, check the following table:
File EncodingEncoding of the CSV file.default: UTF-8
CSV Delimiter Delimiter used in CSV file. 

default: ,
recommended: ;

note: turn coma sign into semicolon to meet our CSV file specification 

Date format Date format used in CSV file. 

default: YYYY-MM-DD

note: do not change the date format to meet our CSV file specification 


Dealing with duplicities 

How to deal, if imported value is already present in your list of values. You have these posibillities:

  • Add suffix 
    The number suffix will be added to imported option title.
  • Ignore
    The imported value will be ignored - not imported.
  • Update value in table
    The imported value and its configuration will overwrite original value. 

default: Add suffix


CSV fileUse the Browse button to locate your file for import.
  • Click Add button at the dialog bottom. The Add new values from CSV file dialog appears.
  • Now you have the opportunity to configure the import parameters. This is useful if the imported file structure does not correspond to the native structure of import.
    Check Ignore first line option if your data contain header.
    Use Map columns to the option attributes section to assign columns in your CSV file to correct attributes. Specify the column order number for each attribute.

Import structure configuration


  • Click Next button. The confirmation dialog appears.
  • Click Confirm button if you are satisfied with the options list stated. Back button would move you step backwards.

Import confirmation dialog


  • Now you can see all your newly imported options at the values list. The new ones are added at it's end. You can change the order of values by clicking the up and down arrow icon at every row of the tab or sort them alphabetically by clicking the Options column title.
  • Click Save at bottom of the form to save values into database.

Configure options form

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