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This chapter briefly describes how to search for issues with defined value of custom field based on Advanced Select List and how to save the search as a filter, which can be used to define custom board.


For further details refer to Atlassian JIRA Software documentation.

To search for issues with chosen Advanced Select List option value, follow next steps:

  • Use Issues/Search for issues menu item to navigate the Search form.
  • Define the filtering options.
  • Your custom filed is available by clicking More button at filtering section.
  • Find your custom field by editing the search field.
  • Check the box next to custom field name to add it to filter.

Adding filtering option


  • Now you can see your new filtering option. Fill in the value to locate to your chosen value and check appropriate options.
  • You see the search result of your query.
  • You can save the search result as a filter by clicking the Save as button at the top of the page.

Searching with Advanced Select List


To create a board based on saved filter: 

  • Navigate to the boards list by using Boards/View all boards menu item.
  • Click Create board button at the top of the page and then choose one the predefined boards type (check Board from an existing Saved Filter option). 
  • Choose the Board name and the Saved filter you have created in previous steps.
  • After clicking the Create board button you obtain the specified board where the issues are filtered by your Advance Select List custom field.
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