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Not all the values of your values list must be visible and accessible via scroll-down list of your custom field. You can turn it on and off by editing the Activity of each value. If you turn your value to inactive, it will be no longer accessible via custom field. Until you later turn it to active state again. Another option of Activity field is to select Date option, what allows you to specify the validity date range of each value.

To turn the value to inactive, do the following:

  • Go to the Configure Options form.
  • Notice the table with the list of values. Each value is editable by clicking Edit link in the Operations column of the table. Click it - the fields of the row are now editable.
  • Select the No option in the Active column of selected row.
  • Click Save link in the Operations column. This will save the current state of the table row.
  • Click Save at bottom of the form to save values into database.

Configure options form

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